How we are organised

Because we are a Foundation Trust we have the freedom to run our own affairs and build formal links with our local, patient and staff communities. We are accountable to these groups through an elected and appointed Council of Governors.

The Board of Directors manages the Trust to ensure we meet service standards and deliver strategic plans. Most employees are automatically Members of the Trust, giving them a say in what we do and how do it to help guide our future.

Our clinical services are split into six divisions:

  • Ambulatory Services & Local Networks
  • Critical Care, Theatres & Diagnostics
  • Liver, Renal & Surgery
  • Networked Services
  • Trauma, Emergency & Acute Medicine
  • Women’s and Children’s

Our non-clinical areas include:

  • Corporate Affairs
  • Capital, Estates & Facilities
  • Finance & Information Services
  • Workforce Development
  • Executive nursing
  • Operations
  • Strategic Development
  • Research & Development

Find our more about who’s who at King’s, and how we are governed.