We offer a range of childcare benefits. These include flexible childcare, onsite nurseries, cover for people on maternity and sick leave, childcare advice for staff, and part-time training for people returning from maternity leave.

Child holding mother's hand

Our Day Nurseries Business Manager can:

  • advise on applying for a place at our nurseries
  • answer questions about how the nursery fees salary sacrifice scheme works
  • provide you with a copy of our nursery information pack.

For more information, contact:
Irene Pilia, Day Nurseries Business Manager
Tel: 020 3299 5380

King’s day nurseries

Mothers playing with children in nursery

All NHS and King’s College London and Institute of Psychiatry staff can apply for a place at one of King's day nurseries.

If you have a child in one of our nurseries, you can join the nursery fees salary sacrifice scheme, which will save you money each month because the cost of the nursery is deducted from your pay before it is taxed.

All King's day nurseries:

  • care for children from three months to five years old
  • are open from 7am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays
  • cater for children’s individual needs
  • have areas for creative, imaginative, constructive and graphic play
  • include a book corner and a pre-school room
  • have a garden play area designed to complement inside play activities
  • support children who speak English as a second language.

Nursery details

To arrange an informal visit before applying, please contact our nurseries directly:

King’s Nursery
Weston Education Centre
Tel: 020 3299 3472
This nursery has room for 16 under-twos and has an open plan area for up to 39 children aged two to five.

Bright Sparks Orpington
Orpington Hospital
Tel: 01689 865246
This nursery can care for 32 under-twos and 33 children aged two to five.

Mapother House Nursery
De Crespigny Park
Tel: 020 3299 5358
This nursery takes 27 under-twos and 40 children aged two to five.