Pay, pension and leave

We value our staff and encourage and support a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible working opportunities and generous annual leave.


The Trust offers competitive salaries that match your ability and responsibilities, and which include a high cost area supplement for working in London.

Doctors and dentists

Doctors and dentists have their own pay systems.

All other staff

All other NHS staff are paid under the Agenda for Change pay system, a national framework which sets out consistent terms and conditions and fair payscales for all NHS employees.

Under Agenda for Change, each NHS job has a band, from 1 to 9, which indicates the payscale through which you will progress while in your role. We show the band for each job in all our recruitment advertising.

If you join us from another NHS employer we will place you on the appropriate point on the scale to recognise your current experience. If you join us from an employer outside of the NHS, your manager will be responsible for identifying relevant experience and placing you on the appropriate point on the scale.


Employment at King’s gives you automatic access to the many benefits of the NHS pension scheme. The package is worth almost 20% of pay overall and includes an inflation-linked pension payable for life, life assurance cover and family benefits if you die.

Annual leave

Doctors and dentists

Annual leave entitlements for doctors and dentists are set out in the Trust’s Guidelines on Leave Arrangements for Medical and Dental Staff. To ensure the smooth running of our services, we ask the you to liaise with colleagues to arrange cover during your absence.

All other staff

As a full-time employee at King’s, you will be entitled to 27 days’ annual leave, as well as bank (public) holidays. This increases to:

  • 29 days after 5 years of NHS service
  • 33 days after 10 years of NHS service.

If you work part-time, your entitlements will be proportional based on the hours worked each week.

You can also choose to ‘buy’ extra annual leave or ‘sell’ some of your entitlement:

  • buy up to 10 days’ extra leave with a commensurate reduction in your salary
  • sell up to five days’ leave for additional salary.