Staff bank for doctors

We have recently launched our new staff bank service to make working bank shifts easier and more convenient. Bank shifts will be available to view and book using the new Patchwork app. Search for ‘Patchwork Health’ on your phone’s app store to download and register with King’s Staff Bank:

We are introducing the Patchwork app for doctors in two stages:

  • junior doctors: from 8 August all bank shifts for junior doctors will either be booked via HealthRoster or the Patchwork app
  • consultants: from 22 August, as above. Until 22 August, consultants should continue to book shifts via BankStaff or MedicOnline

Bank shifts will be added to the app and be available to book on the dates listed above.

How to join

If you are interested in becoming a member of our staff bank, please apply by emailing our recruitment team: Please include details about the area or staff group you are interested in, along with your name and contact details.


Doctors can access a Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about working bank shifts through the Patchwork app.

For any queries, please email or call
020 3299 6000.