Allied Health Professionals

"Each day at King’s presents new experiences and learning opportunities so my job is always varied and interesting"

Samantha Butler, Chief Pharmacy Technician

Occupational Therapist – Thomas Slater

Thomas joined the Trust in the summer of 2010

“My average day involves liaising with other clinicians, particularly nurses, to receive a handover on patients who are nearing the end of their hospital stay or medical treatment. I spend time reading profile notes and discussing with patients their home environment and usual routines.

"My goal is to ensure patients reach an optimum level of independence. To achieve this I use practical tasks to assess their cognitive and physical abilities and adapt tasks or their home environment accordingly.

“Joining King’s has brought me many new challenges. Working for a large acute London hospital means that I have a broad and diverse patient case load which, while challenging, is also exciting and enjoyable.“

Chief Pharmacy Technician – Samantha Butler

Samantha has worked at the hospital since October 2007

Samantha Butler, Chief pharmacy technician

“Each day at the hospital presents new experiences and learning opportunities so my job is always varied and interesting. As a pharmacy technician I have a unique and significant role to play in medicines management.

"During my ward work, I liaise with patients to establish their medication histories; assess if medication they have brought from home is suitable for re-use in hospital; teach them how to use their inhaler; order medication supplies; discuss side effects and counsel them on new medicines.

“I also lead a team of seven full-time ward-based pharmacy technicians who are attached to different divisions. In addition, I regularly work in the dispensary where I label and dispense medicines and do the final check to makes sure prescriptions are accurate.

“My other duties include organising the departmental ward rota, acting as an NVQ assessor and IQA, attending the pharmacy research and audit group, co-ordinating the non-medical prescribing group and supervising clinical services projects for pre-registration pharmacists.

“King’s pharmacy department has supported me in my professional development and it’s an enjoyable place to work.”