Information and Communication Technology

"I feel privileged to be a part of a team that enables medical staff to carry out their objectives and serve the community"

Bajitar Tak

Senior Developer/Integration Engineer – Mike Edwards

Mike has worked at the Trust since the start of 2011

Mike Edwards, Senior Developer/Integration Engineer

“I came to Kings’ from a small health organisation and have greatly enjoyed learning and working with IT challenges on a far larger scale here. At King’s, we have numerous IT systems. Some support specialised clinical uses. Others are used more generally across the Trust.

"We also share some data (using highly secure transport mechanisms) with other hospitals and heathcare providers. The challenge of sharing and synchronising data across these systems makes every day interesting.

"On top of that, there is a development component to my role. For example, I was recently involved in improving our main clinical software to allow clinical ward staff to estimate when a patient might be discharged from a ward, and if there was a delay, to give the reason.

"Although this was not a huge system in its own right, it’s clearly valuable to give the Trust the ability to forecast bed availability in a busy, large acute care setting. By recording the reasons for delays, managers can identify common ones and develop ways of eliminating or reducing them. Being part of this cycle of continuous improvement is a very satisfying part of the role.”

Senior ICT Analyst Specialist /Technical Engineer – Bajitar Singh Tak

Bajitar has been part of the ICT team since 2004

Bajitar Tak, Senior ICT Analyst Specialist/Technical Engineer

“My main responsibility is managing the call logging system. This allows me and my colleagues to record and monitor ‘active’ and ‘non-active’ calls/faults that need action. The logged calls can range from problems with printers, multi-functional and mobile devices, to installing hardware and software, and software and application faults.

“I also manage and update the database and spreadsheets to record ICT equipment located across the Trust including the PCs in the internet cafe and Computers on Wheels. I work with colleagues to respond to any ICT emergencies during normal working hours and out of hours, making sure equipment is up and running with minimal downtime.

“I enjoy my role as every day is different and I come into contact with a diverse range of people. I feel privileged to be a part of a team that enables medical staff to carry out their objectives and serve the community."

Senior Technical Analyst – Ola Okesola

Ola has been at King’s for more than 13 years

“I am one of three Senior Technical Analysts at King’s. During my time here I have witnessed and been part of the evolutionary changes in technology made by the ICT department. ICT plays a major role in the daily operation of all departments at the hospital.

Ola Okesola, Senior Technical Analyst

With more than 7,000 registered users and 5,000 workstations and growing, our department works under constant pressure. Understanding the ICT needs of the varied departments across the Trust is crucial.

“Every day presents a new challenge which could range from solving a problem with a desktop PC or a server to infrastructure (network) support.

"To resolve problems I may need to liaise with other teams such as PiMS (which deals with the Trust’s Patient Administration System) or EPR. There is always work to be done, so being a team player is vital to keep King’s ICT systems up and running and to successfully implement new solutions."